Retirement villages legislation

The Retirement Commissioner is responsible under the Retirement Villages Act 2003 for monitoring the effect of retirement villages’ legislation. The Commissioner provides advice and makes recommendations to the Minister.  The Commissioner is also required to promote education about retirement village issues and is responsible for administering the disputes process and approving members to the disputes panel.

Retirement Villages Act 2003

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 (the Act) and its regulations and the Code of Practice protect the interests of residents and intending residents of retirement villages, and define the obligations of retirement village operators.

The Act makes provision for:

  • Registration of retirement villages
  • Occupation right agreements between operators and residents
  • The Code of Residents' Rights
  • A complaints facility
  • A disputes resolution process
  • A code of practice

The Act also defines the role of the:

  • Retirement Commissioner
  • Statutory supervisors
  • Registrar of Retirement Villages

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Retirement Villages (Disputes Panel) Regulations 2006

The Retirement Villages (Disputes Panel) Regulations 2006 set out the process for formally resolving disputes.

You can view the full text of the on the New Zealand Legislation website.

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Code of Practice 2008

The Code of Practice 2008 for retirement villages sets out the rights and obligations of operators and residents. It provides a set of minimum requirements that all retirement village operators must comply with. Consultation on proposed variations to the Code of Practice was undertaken by the Retirement Commissioner in 2011.

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Code of Residents’ Rights

The Code of Residents' Rights summarises the basic rights the Retirement Villages Act gives to all residents. A copy of it must be given to intending residents. A poster and handout summarising the Code of Residents' Rights are available.

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