Our Sorted programme encourages New Zealanders to get their money matters sorted. Sorted’s flagship product is its internationally recognised website which features free, independent and impartial information and calculators for all Kiwis to use. 

Sorted website

The Sorted website provides information about a range of everyday financial matters and easy-to-use interactive calculators covering many financial situations that concern individual and families. Sorted users can save their calculator results to their own My Sorted account.

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Sorted resources

Sorted has booklets and other resources to help people with KiwiSaver decisions and other financial matters. The Sorted resources include seminar materials for use by organisations and businesses as well as a list of seminar facilitators.

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Sorted marketing programme

Sorted’s marketing programme aims to motivate people to get their money sorted.  It is ably assisted by the Sorted mouse, which plays an important role as a friendly, motivating guide. The programme includes advertising, media and stakeholder activity.

In addition, Sorted uses a range of channels to communicate including a weekly Sorted blog, the Sorted email newsletter and Facebook.

We also encourage community organisations and workplaces to take action to encourage their people to get sorted.

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Think, Shrink & Grow

Sorted’s mantra is to keep things as simple and as engaging as possible. Think, Shrink & Grow is our equivalent of ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’.

The chart below shows, at a high level, what lies beneath each of the three concepts:

  • Think: Making a money plan (budgeting) and being prepared for the unexpected (insurance)
  • Shrink: Avoiding dumb debt (high interest debt that is avoidable) and paying off productive debt (borrowing for assets that grow in value)
  • Grow: Saving for the short-term and investing for the long-term 

If someone is doing something in each of these three areas, they are on the right track to achieving financial wellbeing.

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User feedback

Market research surveys and user surveys are regularly undetaken.

Sorted user surveys

The Sorted user survey in July 2011 found that:

  • 80% of visitors find the website quite useful or very useful
  • 81% of visitors were repeat users
  • 91% of users had taken some action as a result of visiting the Sorted website

See the full reports of the 2011 Sorted user survey:

Sorted user survey, 2011 (PDF 718.79 KB, Sep 2013)

Brand awareness and perceptions of Sorted

A survey of brand awareness and perceptions of Sorted in November 2009 found that:

  • 28% of Kiwis had used the Sorted website or resources
  • 21% of Kiwis had used the Sorted website or resources in the previous 12 months

See the 2009 Sorted brand awareness monitoring report:

Sorted brand awareness monitor, 2009 (PDF 859.73 KB, Sep 2013)

Earlier reports

To view earlier reports, see Sorted reports on the Financial literacy research and reports page.

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