Review process

Under the New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001 the Retirement Commissioner is required to conduct a review of retirement income policies by 31 December 2013.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference and letter from Minister of Commerce (PDF 342.96 KB, Sep 2013)

The terms of reference identified the following topics for the 2013 review:

  1. An update of and commentary on the developments and emerging trends in the retirement income provision area since the 2010 review, both within New Zealand and internationally.
  2. The intergenerational impacts of New Zealand’s retirement income policy, with due consideration given to: (a) the effects of increased longevity on present retirement savings schemes; (b) alternative retirement savings approaches, and (c) the sustainability of New Zealand Superannuation.
  3. An assessment of the role of private savings for retirement. This assessment should cover: (a) trends in KiwiSaver, particularly withdrawal patterns of those retiring and the issues that these may raise, and (b) the role of the financial services sector in helping to ensure the adequacy of retirement income for New Zealanders.
  4. The contributions made by other policies and programmes, such as in housing and health, to maintaining New Zealanders’ retirement income.
  5. Women’s future retirement income prospects.
  6. The role of financial education and financial literacy in retirement income policy.

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Background papers

We commissioned background papers for the 2013 Review of Retirement Income Policy.  Also some papers from previous reviews are also available.  These are the views of each author and don’t necessarily reflect the view of the Retirement Commissioner.

See background papers.

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Advice and consultation​

The review was led by a Commission project team with input and advice from several Reference Groups and an Advisory Group. 

See details of the review structure.

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See the range of submissions received in response to our initial call for submissions which closed at the end of May 2013. 

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Policy position papers

Our series of retirement policy position papers are intended to help promote debate and understanding so New Zealand develops a consensus on what constitutes sustainable retirement income policy.

Read the policy position papers.

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Discussion document

Focusing on the Future

The discussion document, Focusing on the Future, which drew on a mix of background papers, submissions, analysis and other research, was published on 9 October 2013. 

It aimed to raise public awareness of retirement income policy issues and included recommendations for public debate prior to the final report being submitted to the Government.

Focusing on the Future (PDF 2.55 MB, Oct 2013)

Accessible version

The Microsoft Word document is provided as an accessible version of the pdf and excludes some design elements.

Focusing on the Future: A discussion document (Word 685.77 KB, Oct 2013)

Responses and submissions were invited between 9 October and 4 November 2013. Read comments and feedback we received. 

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Final report

The final report to Government was tabled on 12 December 2013. 

Focusing on the Future: Report to Government (PDF 1.98 MB, Dec 2013)

Printed copies may be ordered by emailing us at 


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