What's your story?

How do everyday Kiwis feel about their future and retirement? 

We talked to a whole range of people, from young to old, carefree to careful, about their thoughts on retirement and what they’re doing to get ready or not. We also asked retirees for the wisdom they can offer about getting prepared for life once work stops.

Diane Maxwell, Retirement Commissioner

The Commissioner on why starting to think now about retirement, and how you’ll get there, is important.

Living for now and preparing for the future 

Kiwis on living for the now, what they’re not thinking about, and what they need to do to better prepare for their own and their family's future.

Pearls of wisdom

Today’s retirees impart their wisdom and suggest how we can better prepare for our future.

Kiwis on their hopes and plans

Kiwis talk about their hopes and plans, and preparing for retirement.