2012 media releases

Survey shows Kiwis starting to say goodbye to debt

18 December 2012

Kiwis are turning their backs on non-mortgage debt and understand the benefits of paying it off as quickly as possible, the results of a new survey have found.

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New resource to assist Cantabrians with their financial issues

12 December 2012

A booklet to help earthquake-affected Canterbury residents clarify and manage their financial issues and options has been launched by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income.

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Never too late to plan for retirement

7 December 2012

Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan says New Zealand’s 556,000 residents aged 55-641 need to make saving for their retirement a priority if their goal is to finish working when they’re 65.

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Financial fun focus of competition

5 September 2012

The 2013 Smart Money Digital Story Competition sees students creating digital stories about ways to better manage money.

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Wellington Girl's students making sense of money

29 August 2012

Wellington Girls’ College’s financial literacy programme is a fantastic example of how schools can teach money smarts, as these skills become a national focus during New Zealand’s inaugural Money Week.

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Residential red zone property owners offered free financial advice

6 July 2012

Help is at hand for Canterbury's residential red zone property owners who need to make important financial decisions, with a new free individual financial advice consultation service now available.

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