Core principles of engagement

Financial education programmes should be aligned to the National Strategy for Financial Literacy and follow a recognised teaching/learning framework.

Core principles

Focus of the programmes

  • Educational principles appropriate to the target audience (appropriate teaching and learning approach)
  • Information which is neutral, holistic and up to date
  • Empowering individuals, their families and communities to make informed decisions
  • Processes of monitoring and evaluating delivery and outcomes

Competence of educators/facilitators

  • Educators/facilitators employed or contracted to deliver education programmes are competent in subject matter
  • Have currency of knowledge
  • Are trained in appropriate teaching practices
  • Maintain adequate level of skills and abilities
  • Recognise their own limitations and prepared to refer people to appropriate support networks
  • Have continuing commitment to learning and professional development

Conduct of the education provider/facilitator

  • Disclose and manage all conflicts of interest in a professional manner
  • Practice professionalism in their conduct including:
  • Show dignity, courtesy and respect for clients/learners
  • Comply with rules and regulations relevant to their profession
  • Adhere to code of ethics of their profession

Delivery approaches

  • Up to date teaching approaches to suit target audience and content
  • Opportunities to ‘learn’ and provide feedback
  • Assessment tasks are developed to reinforce learning


  • Accessible to and can be understood by the target audience e.g. accessible to people with low literacy & numeracy
  • Contextualised to meet the needs of the target audience
  • Up to date and accurate
  • Provides a balanced view of the topic/s and impartial in its message
  • Independent and does not include services or product promotion
  • Evaluated or peer reviewed
  • Key messages are aligned to the Financial Literacy Competency Framework for adults, written in simple language and are appropriate to the target audience.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • A monitoring and evaluation programme is in place
  • Evaluation outcomes inform teaching practice and delivery approaches
  • The requirements of the Privacy Act are met

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Principles of engagement for the finance sector 

Financial education programmes provided by the finance sector should be aligned to the National Strategy for Financial Literacy and be: 

  • Accessible
  • Impartial and not product specific
  • Accurate
  • Learner-centric
  • Evaluated


  • The content, format and language are easy to understand by the intended audience 
  • The format and language of the content engages and motivates learners. 

Impartial and not product specific 

  • The information provided is unbiased, without prejudice, generic and not product specific. 


  • Information provided is current, correct and factual. 


  • The learner is the key focus and therefore, all information provided is in the context of learner needs. 


  • It is vital to monitor and measure success of all programmes offered. The way in which a programme will be evaluated should be considered during the planning stages. 


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