Financial literacy education providers list

The following education providers have submitted their financial literacy programmes to the Commission for assessment and have met our criteria.

Massey University Financial Education and Research Centre

Financial Literacy Education programmes

Certificates in personal practice

The following six certificates are aimed at people who want to improve their own financial literacy and the focus is on improving individual’s knowledge in managing personal finances. However, the tools learned in these courses can also be used when teaching or facilitating personal financial management courses:

  • Understanding your financial world
  • Your pathway to financial success
  • Fundamentals of managing your finances
  • You as a consumer of financial products and services
  • Your financial documents
  • You and the wider economic world

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Certificates in professional practice

The following two certificates are designed for people who want to improve their professional practice and/or are interested in facilitating or teaching financial literacy to others – within their own organisation or people based in the community. It is assumed that people completing these certificates will already possess content knowledge.

  • Facilitating personal financial management
  • Teaching personal financial management

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Advanced Certificate in Personal Financial Management

To obtain the Advanced Certificate in Personal Financial Management, participants are required to complete three certificates from the personal practice section and one certificate from the professional practice section.

Contact details

See the Fin-Ed Centre website for more information about enrolment including eligibility, requirements, course availability, timing of courses and course fees.

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Manukau Institue of Technology

Financial Literacy Education programmes

Money Management

Learn the basics of financial literacy including topics such as credit and borrowing, budgeting skills, financial planning, banking and investments.

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For more information:

  • Key contact person: Sonia Davidson
  • Phone: ext:
  • Email:

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness A:  Help get your finances on track. Practical steps to sorting out debt. Topics include, banking, saving and budgeting.

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Financial Fitness B:  Find out about credit and how to prevent fraud. Learn about the functions of the IRD and its benefits. Learn about KiwiSaver and its associated benefits.

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For more information:

  • Key contact person: Pixie-Ann Cooper
  • Phone: Free call MIT 0
  • Email:  

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