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The Ministry of Education is responsible for financial literacy in New Zealand schools. We support the Ministry's work and the development of quality financial education resources for use in schools.

Financial capability in the NZ curriculum

Financial capability is highlighted in the New Zealand Curriculum as an example of the type of theme that schools could use for effective cross-curricular teaching and learning programmes.

The Financial Capability Progressions toolkit (FCP toolkit) provides resources at all levels for schools and teachers to use when integrating financial capability across the school curriculum.

The resources were developed collaboratively by the education sector and the Ministry of Education with support from the Commission and other organisation such as the Young Enterprise Trust, and the Massey Fin-Ed Centre.

See Financial capability in the curriculum at the Ministry of Education's New Zealand Curriculum Online website.

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Sorted schools

The Sorted schools blog brings you up to date  with news about financial initiatives in schools and provider links to resources being used by teachers. 

See  on the Sorted website.

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Aorere College financial literacy resources

Aorere College developed resources for a pilot financial literacy programme which had Year 10 students rotating through different modules on money topics like income, spending and budgeting, in December 2013.

 from the Sorted website.

of student feedback on YouTube.

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Taking Part in Economic Communities 

As part of the Building Conceptual Understandings in the Social Sciences (BCUSS) series, Taking Part in Economic Communities provides teachers with methods to develop their students’ financial literacy within the context of social sciences and addresses the fact that children begin making financial decisions as soon as they have access to money.

This resource, published in November 2012, was developed by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Commission and Learning Media and is the Ministry's first financial literacy resource for social sciences.

Open Taking Part in Economc Communities (pdf) on the Social Sciences Online website.

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Figure It Out

Figure It Out is a series of mathematics curriculum support books in full colour designed to supplement existing classroom mathematics programmes. The series is an important component of the literacy and numeracy strategy that focuses on clarifying the expectations for learners' progress and achievement, and developing teacher professional capability. Each book is accompanied by Answers and Teachers' Notes.

See Figure It Out on the Ministry of Education website.

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Case studies

Read case studies of financial literacy activities or programmes in schools.

Primary and intermediate schools

Learning money lessons in the game of life – Tawa Intermediate

Learning Money Lessons in the Game of Life (PDF 54.63 KB, Sep 2013)

Secondary schools

Investing in their future – Howick College

Investing in their future (PDF 64.63 KB, Sep 2013)

Learning financial literacy for life – Cambridge High School

Learning Financial Literacy for Life (PDF 78.04 KB, Sep 2013)


Financial education in schools – International lessons in good practice

International Lessons in Good Practice (PDF 241.09 KB, Sep 2013)

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Financial literacy teaching strategies

Get classroom ideas for teaching financial literacy across the curriculum.

Financial literacy teaching strategies (PDF 117.09 KB, Sep 2013)

Setting and achieving goals (PDF 95.19 KB, Sep 2013)

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