Māori financial literacy framework

A financial literacy strategy for Māori was developed by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income. Originally released in late 2010, the strategy was updated in 2012. The strategy is closely aligned with the National Strategy in terms of its overall vision and the definition of financial literacy. However, the focus and target audience is specifically Māori.


The mission of the Māori strategy for financial literacy is that all Māori have appropriate skills to improve their financial wellbeing and that of their own whānau, hapū and iwi.

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Advisory group

An advisory group helped with the development of the strategy, monitors progress and oversees the implementation of the action plan.

The members of the advisory group are:

  • Michael Ahie, Chief Executive Officer, Shirlaws
  • Philip Broughton, Project Manager, Consultant, Polson Higgs Business Advisors
  • Diana Crossan, Retirement Commissioner
  •  Charlie Howe, Regional Manager, Business Banking, ANZ National
  • Paula Rawiri, Group Manager Māori Education, Ministry of Education

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Financial literacy strategy and action plan

Read the Māori strategy for financial literacy and action plan.

Māori Strategy for Financial Literacy (PDF 2.88 MB, Sep 2013)


The strategy is to:

  • Develop quality
  • Extend the delivery of financial education
  • Share what works
  • Work together in order to achieve the outcome of a financially literate population


The approach is to:

  • Develop partnerships amongst iwi, whānau, hapū and Māori groups and financial education providers (including government, non-government and financial sector organisations)
  • Identify and use iwi and Māori information distribution channels
  • Target the schools with high Māori student population
  • Develop a monitoring and evaluation programme to report on the level and growth of the financial knowledge levels of Māori

Action plan

A five-year action plan was developed in December 2010 and is included in the strategy document.

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MoneyMinded Aotearoa

The MoneyMinded Aotearoa programme is a collaborative project between ANZ, Ngāi Tahu and the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income. It aims to follow participants for 18 months to track their progress in financial knowledge and behaviour after completing a face-to-face programme.

The programme has been running successfully in Australia and has been contextualised to suit the needs of Ngāi Tahu participants. It is hoped that, once the pilot phase is complete, the programme will be made available to the rest of the Māori population. The Commission is evaluating this programme using the participatory evaluation model.

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